Lean / Six Sigma

Six Sigma tools can be used in a variety of ways to better your cleanroom operations.   For example, using FMEA to design and build your cleanroom prior to construction can lead to large cost avoidances.  Also, using control charts to monitor HEPA filter face velocity or overall air changes per hour can be used to show trends which typically are not noticed until filter or system failure.

Additionally, 5S can also be used to reduce particle counts and increase production efficiency.   There are vast array of Six Sigma tools available.  Tools are applied to specific applications and are dependent on your product and process.

Six Sigma tools can be used in any discipline of your organization.  Regardless of perspective, applying Six Sigma tools to your cleanroom can have large financial impacts to the maintenance, operation, and quality departments.

Six Sigma Tools for Cleanrooms

  • Design Stage
    • Cause and Effect Analysis
    • FMEA
    • Future State Value Stream Mapping
    • Affinity Diagram
  • Operations
    • Visual Controls
    • 5S Programs
    • Cellular Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
    • Control Charts for trending of critical parameters

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