Precision Cleanroom Cleaning

We Offer Cleanroom Precision Cleaning Services that is based upon our time proven "HEPA Sandwich" ® approach of a thorough and verified cleaning of all surfaces cleaned.

Prior to exiting your site, we also notify you of any items of concerns we have observed which may be considered negative to your on-going cleanroom operations so that they can be addressed immediately by the proper personnel.

We offer this service on a one time or contractual basis.

We also offer training of Cleanroom Custodial Technicians on proper cleanroom disciplines/protocol and cleaning methodology in conjunction with assisting you in establishing a documented, routine housekeeping program.

Put our many years of Troubleshooting and Servicing Cleanroom Facilities to use, for your cleanroom endeavors!

Reference: Cleaning Magazine 9/92

Title: Cleanroom Cleaning ("The HEPA Sandwich Approach"®) Pages: 30-34

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Let our 45 + yrs of cleanroom experience

assist you in achieving and operating a cost effective cleanroom facility.

( 3rd Party Certification, Troubleshooting, Performance Appraisals, Training Seminars, Design Assistance from a Service Provides viewpoint, Construction/Project Management)

ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited For The  3rd Party Testing/Certification of Clean rooms and Laminar Flow Devices.


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