Are you looking to rent or lease existing cleanroom space? List it here.

We have been receiving various inquires asking us if we knew of those looking to lease/rent exisiting cleanroom facilities and those wanting to lease/rent existing cleanroom facilities, therefore we have created this free listing service to assist those looking to rent/lease an existing cleanroom facility.  

If you have an existing Cleanroom to Lease/Rent - List it here.

If you looking to Lease/Rent and existing Cleanroom - List it here.

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Rochester NY   

       Available to Rent or Lease: 

      1200 SF - ISO 8 - 12’ ceiling height

Buffalo NY


Client has used Softwall Enclosures for SALE . Frame work is good, Curtains will need replacing 

   1.235 SF x 13 High

   2. 239 SF x 14 High

   3. 258 SF  x 14 High

   4. 163 SF  x 12 Hgh








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Let our 45 + yrs of cleanroom experience

assist you in achieving and operating a cost effective cleanroom facility.

( 3rd Party Certification, Troubleshooting, Performance Appraisals, Training Seminars, Design Assistance from a Service Provides viewpoint, Construction/Project Management)

R. Kraft Inc. is a

3rd Party

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited Laboratory,

Testing and Certifying Cleanrooms and Laminar Flow Devices


236210 - 238220 - 325412 - 326111 - 326112 - 541380 - 541611 - 541614 - 541620 - 541910 - 541990 -561210 - 611430 

             Cage: 3EVT1



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