Things To Consider When Planning a Cleanroom

Contact a ISO 17025 accredited 3rd party cleanroom Certification Agency to discuss your specific requirements as they have the experience from a service providers perspective that will save you $$$ on the front end and frustration once you are in operation. They also know experienced design firms and contractors that understand cleanrooms.



Whether your cleanroom is to be a "Stick Built" - "Hybrid" - "Modular Hardwall" or "Softwall", These are a few questions to ask your design team up front!

1. Determine the product process flow to see where the most effective placement of the HEPA filters in the ceiling grid will be!

2. Will the HEPA filters need to be challenged for certification.

3. Are the HEPA filter installers trained on installing the HEPA filters properly..

4. You need to set aside a lay away budget plan for the replacement of the HEPA filters.

5. When is it time to change the HEPA filters (Ask the filter supplier this question in the design stage)

6. What is the right sealant to be used for sealing wall/ceiling penetrations.

7. Will you need a  Pass-Thru or Air Shower.

8. Will the flooring be conductive or non conductive.

9. Will you be using a Central Vacuuming System or a Portable HEPA Vacuum.

10. DO NOT skimp on the size of the Gown Room.

11. Where are you going to store the custodial equipment and supplies.

12. Where are you going to store the extra garments.

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Ralph Kraft is available for speaking engagements at your function, bringing his past and current experiences of troubleshooting and certifying cleanrooms (since 1977)  to your organizations membership.

Ralph can provide a talk on (1) Design Considerations for those contemplating a cleanroom  and the value of  a "Build Clean" methodology program for the construction phase of our cleanroom or (2) The Value of Establishing an on-going Monitoring Program for optimal operational efficiency.

Contact Ralph at rk.cleanroomservices@gmail.com for further discussion 



The Value of an On-Going Monitoring Program

Keeping your cleanroom and laminar flow bench operating at optimum efficiency is essential. This means having an active On-Going Monitoring Program (OGMP) in place, either by internal personnel or utilizing your Certification Agency on a more regular basis.

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