SOP/Protocol Development & Implementation

We can assist you in the development of your cleanroom protocols and SOP's based upon on our many years of servicing cleanrooms, either in the segments listed below or the development of an entire SOP/Protocol manual for your specific application. This also applies to USP 797.

1. Written protocol for "Build Clean" cleanroom construction

2. Written protocol for cleanroom constructors.

3. Written protocol for cleanroom operation.

4. Written protocol for cleanroom personnel discipline.

5. Written protocol for Laminar Flow workstations.

6. Written protocol for cleanroom cleaning.

7. Written protocol for Individual workstation cleaning.

8. Written protocol for Cleanroom Custodial Personnel.

Reference: Semiconductor International, March 1998 Page 73

Refer to Consulting For Clean Manufacturing for NEW ENHANCED SOP Development with 5S and other Lean Tools.

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