Benchmarking of Existing Non Clean Facilities

Testing/Benchmarking of Portable High Efficiency Air Filtration (PHEAF) Devices

1. Particle count profiling of existing spaces to determine the cleanliness level for benchmarking the spaces in question in conjunction with developing an approach towards a clean manufacturing area, whether you just need a cleaner working area that would only justifying properly placed clean air machines or a cleanroom.

We have the capabilities to measure the following channels: 0.1  - 0 .3  - 0 .5  -  1.0  -  5.0  - 10.0  -  25.0  -  40.0  -  50.0  - 100.0 Microns to provide you with a broader investigative range to  fit your specific application.

2. An inexpensive 1st approach, regardless of whether you want to achieve a cleaner work space or a cleanroom, would be to begin with developing a "cleanroom manufacturing attitude" philosophy coupled with proper cleanroom personnel disciplines and housekeeping procedures tailored to your application to see what this buys you, before bringing in a consultant or the consideration of a cleanroom facility.

3. How efficient are your portable hepa filter devices, find out via our Field Testing of Portable High Efficiency Air Filtration (PHEAF) Devices per IESO 4310 guidelines.

4. See our Training Seminar's Offering, to learn more about establishing a  "Cleanroom Manufacturing Attitude".

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